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We are passionate about jewelry and our extensive handcrafted array speaks to our passion. Whether it’s sterling silver or gold, gemstones or semi-precious stones or upcycled collages of jewelry parts…..we carry it all! We strive to bring in new and different jewelry artisans on a regular basis.

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Our Jewelry Collection

jewelry store in brevard ncAdajio

Adajio jewelry is inspired by a diversity of imagery — from ancient art of the Americas to contemporary African, Asian and European motifs. The designer’s interest in color and texture infuses each item in the collection with a unique visual appeal. Adajio items are etched, then embellished by hand with a special proprietary process that adds color and interest to each piece.



desert heart jewelry Desert Heart

For Desert Heart designer, Deb Sparshot, the choice of materials is very important, so she hunts for and hand picks all the elements that make up her collections. All this searching and scavenging gives Desert Heart it’s unique, “artsy” flavor that never grows old. The line is known nationwide for its’ distinct character, unusual materials and luscious, unexpected color combinations. All Desert Heart jewelry is hand-made!



baked beads jewelryBaked Beads

Baked Beads started when the creative founder of the company, David, bought a few strands of beads from a store in New York and taught himself to make earrings. He met his wife Robin, who added her design flair to the business, and they’ve been making jewelry together ever since. Their goal has always been to create jewelry that was wearable and affordable, in addition to being well-made.




boma earrings for sale brevard ncBoma

Boma began in 1981 bringing fashionable sterling-silver jewelry with unique designs to the active, free-spirited women of Seattle. Boma is still dedicated to introducing jewelry that fits the lifestyle of today’s woman. Each piece of Boma jewelry is carefully crafted to perfection in .925 sterling-silver and is guaranteed for life. Quality product, first-class customer service and trendy designs have contributed to Boma’s reputation for being the leader in the sterling-silver industry.



jewelry store brevard ncFar Fetched

For 25 years, Far Fetched has been known for designing fun, creative and heartfelt jewelry, rich in culture and craft. We are a member of the Fair Trade Federation and are committed to using conscientious business practices. Our intention is simple: be a positive influence in our world! Our jewelry starts with an emotion, a silly joke, an experience; each piece has its own story. The designs are sent to skilled artisans at our sister company, Cuervo Metal where they use a combination of traditional silversmithing techniques and new processes to create each piece. The end result is our unique, handmade jewelry.


Holly Yashi JewelryHolly Yashi

Holly and Paul, the designers of Holly Yashi jewelry, love to make jewelry because it’s an art form that has a functional purpose-it’s wearable art. Holly is inspired by nature and the beauty in the world around us. To translate that into a piece of jewelry is what makes Holly Yashi unique. Holly and Paul use niobium as the metal for their jewelry because it never tarnishes or fades, and it can do what no other metal can: be permanently colored in a wide range of colors that makes their design potential limitless.



acomo jewelry at main street ltdAcomo

After finishing one semester of medical school, Peter Rahe went on his first overseas trip to Asia and discovered his first passion: traveling. Inspired by the jewelry he saw in Thailand, Indonesia and India, he started taking jewelry making classes at a community college. A trip to Mexico and discovering the beautifully handcrafted jewelry of Taxco led to his first wholesale jewelry business in Germany.